Joan: a novel of Joan of Arc

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After a hundred years of war,
with France on the brink of destruction...

Saint Margaret of Antioch is returned to the earth to aid Joan of Arc in the liberation of her homeland, but what can she do when Heaven itself seems to be conspiring to send Joan to the Fire?

“An intimate meditation, textured and ingenious...we see Joan as part of something endless - and troubling, yes - but also exuberant and, finally, mysteriously, larger than one life and most certainly larger than one death.”

- Tim Wynne-Jones, author of Blink & Caution,
winner of the 2011 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award

“Despite the unusual narration, Ng manages to draw readers to Joan's side during her tribulations, and he creates sympathetic characters in both Joan and Margaret...An engrossing religious and historical account that would make a valuable companion to a high school history unit on Joan of Arc.”

- Kirkus Reviews

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